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    Telephone Access:  In general, phone consultations are not available, unless for a medical emergency.  However, our receptionist can offer the option of discussing your problem with one of our nurses.

    Medical Certificates: Are legal documents and cannot be issued without actually seeing the Doctor and they cannot be issued retrospectively.

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    Referrals: Our GP's are experienced at handling many medical concerns.  At times they may refer you to a specialist for further help.  Referrals are legal documents and cannot be back dated under any circumstance.  If you have not been seen for two weeks and you require a referral to a specialist you maybe charged a small fee.

    Reminder System: Our practice is committed to preventative care.  We may issue you with a reminders notice from time to time  offering you preventative health services appropriate to your care.  If you do not wish to be part of this system please ley your doctor know.

    Test Results:  It is preferable to have a follow-up consultation with your doctor to obtain and discuss the results  of test.  Normal test results may be given over the telephone at the sole discretion of the doctor. If you need to contact our staff for results, we ask you  call after 10.30 am  and one of our nurses will return your call.

    Prescriptions: It is not our practice's policy to issue repeat prescriptions if the patient has not been seen for two weeks.  More so we care about our patients and there health.  A consultation is required.  If for some reason you are unable to make an appointment a small fee maybe incurred  for scripts..  All doctors require 24 hours notice for scripts to be completed.  


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